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  • 97073. Extendable monopod

    Extendable monopod. PVC and stainless steel. Extends 1.040 mm

  • BURMY. Aroma diffuser

    BURMY is a PP, ABS and metal aroma diffuser with interior light with multiple colour options. BURMY has a 120 mL reservoir and diffuses for up to 6h. It’s a relaxing addition to any space, creating a pleasant and fragrant environment (aroma not included). A great way to combine aromatherapy and humidification. Supplied in a black gift box with a USB charging cable

  • DAIMLER. Portable battery

    Magnetic fast wireless bamboo charger. 15W fast charging power. Includes a 1 meter cable with a type C output. Supplied in a kraft paper gift box

  • ELION. Mousepad with Wireless Charger

    rPET mouse pad with wireless charger. Includes input type C: 5/2A, 9V/1.67A and wireless technology up to 10W. Supplied in a kraft paper gift box

  • GERST. Headphones stand

    ABS headphone stand with built-in wireless charger. 10W power, 1m USB to USB-C cable. USB-C input with 5V/2A or 9V/1.1A and wireless output with 5V/1A or 9V/1.1A. Supplied in black gift box

  • KHAN. Wireless mouse

    2.4GhZ RABS wireless mouse with ergonomics optical technology with a rubber finish. Includes battery with 500 mAh capacity. Includes micro USB cable for charging. Supplied in a kraft paper gift box

  • LAVOISIER. Bluetooth tracking device

    ABS bluetooth locator with keyring and up to 20m range and geolocation. Includes 1 CR2032 battery and is compatible with Android and iOS. Supplied in gift box

  • MINSKY. Adapter set

    Aluminium adapter set that contains 1 adapter from USB-A to USB-C and 1 adapter from USB-C to USB-A. USB 2.0 technology. Supplied in individual PP case

  • MOSER. Bamboo HUB

    Bamboo hub with 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port. Allows data transfer. Supplied in kraft box

  • RUBINS. 5-in-1 Retractable Cable

    Retractable 5-in-1 ABS and bamboo cable. One end is USB-C with adapter for USB-A, while the other end has a special 2-in-1 micro-usb and iOS tip with an adapter for USB-C. Input/output: 5V/1A. Supplied in a kraft paper gift box